Dear Customers, we are officially closed at 502 MacPherson Road. We now offer freelance pet grooming services at Dirty Fellow, by appointment only. ✂️ @leenong 🛁@kaspertheroundghost


Pawmises - a dream brought to life by 2 passionate groomers in 2017. Just like ‘Promises’, we named our shop ‘Pawmises’, to symbolise that we ‘pawmise’ to love each and every pet that comes in like our own.
We strongly believe that every pet deserves the best and nothing less. And that’s how we started...

SKC Class A Certified groomer providing grooming services for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.
The crew of Pawmises now offer freelance grooming services at Dirty Fellow, by appointments only.

Services at a Glance


52 Jln Limbok, Singapore 548731


+65 8751 6307

Business Hours

April - August 2023
Saturday: Basic/Full Grooming, by appointment only
Sunday: Basic Grooming, by appointment only