Doggie Delight

Doggie Delight


Doggie Delight is an award winning family run business with a passion in helping you and your pets. Together with our dedicated team, we offer experience and advice in all aspects of pet care, acquiring a pet, professional grooming, training, food and nutritional advice.

Established in 2000, it started off as a childhood dream to run a pet store, filled with fluffy animals. Driven by motivation, we expanded within years, providing enhanced services, building a hydrotherapy pool for our then beautiful rescued doberman, Alicia, who suffered from CSM (Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy) and to benefit an all round healthy activity for dogs or those that are recovering from post op, our very own In House canine training by Jeffery Ong, professional grooming, dog walking and boarding services.

In 2009, We successfully gained Sole Distribution rights from Tasmanian Labradoodles to import their beautiful puppies for sales in Singapore. With their expertise and devotion, puppies are Multi Generation bred and were taught potty, crate, leash, tether at young age in Tasmania. They are known for their intelligence, affection, allergy friendly (Hypoallergenic) and sociability. They come in various sizes (Toy and Miniature are HDB approved) and colors.


28 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289227


+65 6469 2293

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 6:30PM
Saturday: 8:30AM - 6:30PM
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed