Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic


Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic offers a unique approach to pet healthcare, going beyond just treating symptoms. Here, they combine traditional allopathic medicine with the power of complementary and integrative healthcare modalities for a holistic approach to our pet's well-being.

Looking Beyond the Physical:

Gentle Oak's philosophy extends beyond simply addressing physical ailments, viewing our pets as whole beings, encompassing their physical, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects. The clinic pays close attention to environmental factors, emotional well-being, and dietary intake – often overlooked areas that can significantly impact our pet's health.

Preventative Care at its Finest:

While Gentle Oak boasts highly skilled veterinarians in internal medicine and surgery, their focus is on preventive healthcare, promoting wellness rather than just reacting to illness. They believe physical symptoms are the body's way of signalling imbalances, and the clinic aims to restore balance to our pet's mind and body. This is achieved through a combination of traditional Western medicine, proper clinical nutrition, and when necessary, surgical intervention, alongside complementary therapies.

True Healing Through Balance:

Gentle Oak believes true healing occurs when a pet's mind and body are in harmony. Our pets are cherished family members, and the clinic honours the human-animal bond by providing the highest quality veterinary care with our pet's well-being at the forefront of everything they do.

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+65 6250 8001

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