Tomarctus Dog Training


Tomarctus Dog Training was established by Mr. Godfrey Alagappan, the former head of the Singapore Prisons Dog Unit. "My appreciation and love for dogs began at an early age and expanded to over 40 years of experience in dog training".

In 1977, Godfrey was asked to setup the first ever Singapore Prisons Dog Unit. In his years of service he managed, and trained the dogs and their handlers for guard and patrol duties. This required extensive training in advanced off-leash obedience, hostage rescue, crowd control, riot control, firearm detection, narcotic detection, tracking, intruder detection, chase and apprehension as well as other specialised training.

In 1987, almost ten years after managing the Singapore Prisons Dog Unit with continued success, Godfrey was recognized and awarded the efficiency medal. Since retiring from the Singapore Prisons department, He continued to share his knowledge, passion, and skills in personal dog training.


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