Perfect K9


Looking for a holistic approach to caring for your furry friend? Perfect K9 offers a comprehensive suite of services to train, communicate, and heal your pets, fostering a deeper understanding and stronger bond.

Meet Doris, Your Pet's Champion:

Over 20 years of experience in animal care, training, and communication.
Certified dog trainer: Pioneering positive reinforcement methods in Singapore, proven effective with champion-winning results.
Animal communicator: Mentor and trainer, empowering others to connect with their pets.
Advanced Reiki practitioner: Offering complementary healing for animals and humans.
Pet CPR & first-aid certified: Ensuring your pet's well-being in any situation.
Perfect K9 Services:

Dog Training: From puppies to adults, address common behaviors like leash pulling, barking, and separation anxiety using positive, reward-based techniques.
Animal Communication: Learn to understand your pet's thoughts and feelings, strengthening your connection and resolving behavioral issues.
Reiki Healing: Promote relaxation, reduce stress, and support recovery for both you and your pet.
Why Choose Perfect K9?

Holistic Approach: We address your pet's physical, emotional, and behavioral needs.
Experienced & Certified: Doris holds extensive qualifications and practical experience.
Positive & Effective Methods: Build trust and understanding through reward-based techniques.
Personalized Care: Tailored programs to meet your pet's unique needs and goals.
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