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Pawrus Singapore


Founded in Singapore in 2014, the Pawrus™ Mission is to Harness the Power of Pet Care Education for Pet Parents and Pets.

Originally, the Pawrus™ Name drew its early inspiration from the Walrus Animal, a large flippered marine mammal with three splits on its flippers. We admired the Walrus for its long-distance and dramatic yearly migration patterns, selectivity in breeding and massive physical and mental strength.

Eventually, we combined "PAW", our expressive and written commitment to serving any animal, with "WALRUS", to pay homage to its characteristics as a Keystone Species in the Arctic Marine Regions.

Thus, a new word, Pawrus™, was born.

Meticulously, we handcrafted the Pawrus™ Identity in its Logo, which has two distinctive and observable components, "PAWRUS" and "PAWPRINT" - a "U" and and "THREE CIRCLES".

Our Corporate Colours, White, Green and Orange Represents the Lifeblood of our Brand Philosophy:

Personability: Signifies Our Acknowledgement of Individual Differences in Every Customer Touch Point.

Authenticity: Embodies Our Close Proximity with Nature in Our Heart.

Worldview: Illustrates Our Determination to the Pawrus™ Vision to Go Beyond

Responsibility: Conveys Our Heartfelt Commitment to the Task and the People Involved.

Understanding: Communicates Our Desire to Listen. Your Concerns are Important to Us.

Service: Symbolises Our Heart to Serve. Service Satisfaction is Our Mission.
PAWPRINT - "U": Your Happiness is Our Priority. Our Daily Adventures Begin and End with a Smile.
PAWPRINT - "THREE CIRCLES": Every Partnership is Unique. Three Circles Connotes the Dynamic and Perpetual Relationships Between Pet Parents, Pets and Us.

Begin your Unforgettable Pet Care Education Experience with Pawrus now!

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Pawrus™ Singapore is registered with ACRA under the Business Registration Number: 201424069N.

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