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Glen was the Trainer in Charge for the Singapore Search Platoon and trained working dogs for the prestigious Disaster Assistance Rescue Team (DART) in the Singapore Civil Defence Force. He was the Trainer in Charge of Fire investigation, Post Blast, and Search and Rescue Dogs and through his service, has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in training both working and pet dogs.

Glen's search and Rescue Dogs were put to the ultimate test when he participated in 3 Operation Lionheart Missions (Indonesia, Padang/ New Zealand, Christchurch / Japan, Fukushima) and performed extraordinarily when searching for live casualties in a real disaster zone. In addition, Glen and his dogs have participated in many local Fire Investigations and Search and Rescue operations.

However, despite the thrill and challenge of the various life-saving operations he participated in, what he found most meaningful in his service was training new and budding dog handlers. Through his service, he realised his second passion: teaching others.

Now, he is ready to embark on a new challenge, and take the knowledge he acquired through years of commitment, to teach the public not just how to train dogs, but how to understand their paw pets as well.

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