Companion Dog Trainers

Companion Dog Trainers


We are a group of dog enthusiasts gathered by our love and passion for dogs. Mr Christopher Choo and Mr Bernard Chung were the founders of Companion Dog Trainers. They are currently semi-retired from dog training, having handed over the care and running of the School to Low Kok Choon (Low). All our trainers have extensive experience in the competition ring and their own personal dogs have achieved the internationally recognised Companion Dog (CD) or Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) titles.

Companion Dog Trainers consistently produce award winners at Singapore Kennel Club (SKC), Pet Enterprises & Traders Association of Singapore (PETAS) and Dog Trainers Association of Singapore (DTA) organised Obedience, Agility and Jumpers trials. Our obedience training courses will cover all aspects of skills that every dog should have in order to be a delightful pet within the family. We also have students who went on to achieve the Companion Dog (CD) or Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) titles! For those who wish to give back to society, our Basic Obedience Course also lay a good foundation for your dogs to get evaluated as Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs!

We believe that dog training save lives - well-trained dogs are a lot less likely to get into trouble, end up being given up / abandoned or ultimately being put to sleep! We wish to make dog training affordable to the public so that more dogs can benefit from training. We like to train and we genuinely wish to help the dogs and their owners instead of having to train because we need to put our next meal on the tables. This is why we are glad to dish out free advice as well as doing pro-bono work such as pre-purchase / pre-adoption counselling etc..


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