Joseph Klass grew up with dogs and has been around them his whole life. His father use to rescue German shepherds with aggression problems either with food aggression, dog to dog aggression or even dog to human aggression. He and his father would retrain these dogs and find homes for them.

One thing Joseph has noticed is when people buy or adopt a pet, they change their lifestyle to adapt to their pets needs, but Joseph follows his saying of “The pet adapts to the house rules and not the other way around”.

In order for him to do this, Joseph must give the dogs appropriate corrections and be fair with the dogs.

On top of this, about 18 years ago, Joseph got into dog sports after he rescued a Shepherd named Xandro. This lead him to join the German Shepherd Dog Club in Singapore to further train in dog sports. For further training, he started going to Germany to attend training seminars with Bart Bellon who uses his own system of dog training called the Nepopo system.

Joseph has worked with some of the most difficult cases of aggression in Singapore and has applied very successful techniques to correct this behaviour.

Fear is usually the driving factor behind aggression and with patience, socialising and correcting the aggression immediately when the dog reacts they learn quite quickly what is acceptable behaviour. Most families in this situation feel this isn’t reversible so give up on their dogs or have them put down.

If this sounds like you please contact Joseph.


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