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At Amber's Cottage, we believe in simple and effective training, this is not only easy for dogs to understand but also practical when owners are required to apply the skills learnt to practice with their dogs. We go through an approach called ADB (Affective Dog Behaviour), which taps into the minds and hearts of dogs, to understand what they are thinking and why they are making certain decisions that may be a concern for their families. Despite the general training world where trainers work on dogs directly, we prefer to treat every dog as an individual and dive deep into the root of the concerns.

We are equipped with over 17 years of experience in handling and worked with over 1300 dogs (min.400 hours per dog).

Most of our courses are conducted privately at the client's place, we encourage this instead of holding group classes because we understand that most concerns needs to be addressed from home, with this we can address individual family's situation and expectations to come up with an efficient way to work with their dogs. With Private classes, owners can also have the luxury to learn and get 100% attention from us without having to travel.

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