4Paws Dog Training

4Paws Dog Training


4Paws Dog Training focus on one-to-one private dog training. We provide courses that can help you to change your dog's behaviour.

We aim to provide the best dog training experience for you and your dog! It is important for dog owners to understand that early training will help create a positive relationship for both you and your dog.

The following are the courses, we, at 4Paws Dog Training provide:

- Puppy course
The puppy develops rapidly during the first 11- 16 weeks. Therefore, proper training is important in cultivating good temperament and behavioural pattern in the future.

If you want your puppy to grow up to be a confident, well-adjusted and a happy member of the family, enroll into our puppy course now!!

- Basic Obedience Course

Getting your dog to learn basic obedience is a necessity! Wouldn’t you want your dog to behave properly when there are guests in your house? In order to differentiate right and wrong, dogs will have to undergo guidance.

Through the basic obedience course, you will be able to understand and learn the effective way of ‘telling’ your dog what you want.

- Intermediate Course
This course is suitable for owners who wish to pursue further trainings with their dog. Our intermediate course consists of higher standard of command training and basic distance control. It also helps to upskill your dog to be more responsive towards your control.


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