Helping Our Dogs Cope with Cataracts

A dog with obscured lenses in the eyes possibly due to cataracts

Helping our dogs cope with cataracts When you look into your dog’s eyes, if they are a little cloudy or hazy, it could indicate that cataracts are forming. Eyes have lenses inside them to help us focus and see objects clearly. A cataract is any opacity within the lens. Very small cataracts do not affect […]

(Ab)normal Dog Behaviours

A white puppy rolling on grass

From humping his toy, to rolling in rotten stuffs, our dogs seem to have a never ending list of behaviours that amazes us. While no one knows exactly the “whys” behind these deeds, many theories have been postulated. And until we evolved enough to speak dog, these theories relating to the realm of weird doggy deeds will remain educated guesses. […]

Canine Blood Transfusion

Donor Dog in Canine Blood Transfusion

Too often we see urgent requests on social media asking for pet blood donors to save the life of another who is losing blood. For some, it even comes as a surprise that blood transfusion could be applied to animals. Why might my pet need a blood transfusion? Where does the blood come from? How […]

Anaesthesia and your Dog

A puppy under anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is the total loss of sensation in a body part or in the whole body, generally induced by a drug or drugs to create loss of feeling, unawareness and muscle relaxation either locally, regionally or centrally. There are many reasons for administering anaesthetics to animals; the main purpose is to provide a convenient, safe and […]

In Play Fights, Girl Puppies Win

a pair of puppies play fighting on a daffodil lawn

Its not really a dog eat dog world out there, at least among puppies. Puppies play fight a lot, but it is not always about testing their strength. According to a research published in the scientific journal of animal behavior (“Partner preferences and asymmetries in social play among domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris, littermates, by Dr […]

Does Your Pet Have Arthritis?

a tri-colour dog under going aquatic therapy for arthritis

Osteoarthritis (arthritis)  is a well-recognised condition in people and dogs. It is a common cause of chronic pain, where 1 in every 5 adults is affected. The incidence of this disease is similar to that in dogs, where approximately 20% or more of the dog population are affected. In most cases, osteoarthritis arises from joint damage due to […]

Being Different Shouldn’t be a Death Sentence

Derby the dog sitting on the lawn

3D printing is no longer a novelty. Designers of 3D printing have moved past human prosthetics and created some for our beloved dogs and other animals. Derby, a mutt that looked to be mostly husky, was born with maldeveloped front limbs, is now able to walk and run thanks to 3-D printing technology. His prosthetics were created […]