Happy Siberian Husky. Studio portrait on white background

Siberian Husky

Breed Characteristics

Fast, agile, hardy, great stamina. Not a guard dog; Siberian Huskies bark little and befriend almost anyone. The Siberian Husky suffers separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. Cannot tolerate heat but can handle the worst winters with poise, even pleasure. Siberian Huskies are wonderful howlers. Must be kept on a leash outside a fenced area; he is a roamer, a digger, and an escape artist. The Siberian Husky is not the best dog for a first-time dog owner.

Is the Siberian Husky approved as a pet in a Singapore HDB flat?



Siberia, antiquity. Among the oldest of dog breeds, Siberian Huskies are developed by the nomadic Chukchi people for a variety of tasks, including pulling sleds, herding reindeer as well as being a watchdog. Native to Siberia, the Husky was brought to Alaska in 1908 by fur traders and used as sled dogs during the gold rush. The breed often participated in the 408-mile dogsled race in Alaska, even until today.

Original Purpose

Sled-pulling, reindeer herding.

Behaviour and Temperament

Gentle, friendly, fun-loving, loyal, eager, outgoing, rather casual, happy workers.

What are some Physical Features of the Siberian Husky?

The Husky stands between 53.5 and 58.5 cm; usually weighs between 16 and 27 kg. The Siberian Husky is the smallest and fastest of the purebred sled dogs. Colours are white, black, sable, red, grey, “wild colour.” Many have a white mask. Eyes may be blue, brown, or one of each.

Coat Type and Recommended Grooming

Medium-length outer coat and soft, dense undercoat. Moderate to high maintenance; needs thorough brushing three times a week. Siberian Huskies are heavy seasonal shedders. Daily brushing is recommended when they shed.

Life Expectancy of the Siberian Husky

12 to 15 years.

Have a Siberian Husky?

Health Concerns

Hip dysplasia, eye problems (PRA, cataracts), VSD.

Exercise Needs

Very high; needs a couple hours of vigorous exercise every day. Will become very destructive if not given sufficient exercise. Siberian Huskies are excellent jogging companions, however, be mindful of the time of the day you take them out for jogs; they really suffer on a hot day in Singapore.


Not suitable for apartment life or urban areas. Provide sufficient shade and air conditioning. Cement your fences deep because these dogs are great diggers and escape artists.


Bonds to whole family. Especially good with children. Likes everyone, including strangers. Great with the family dogs, may not be crazy about strange dogs; Do not trust the Siberian Husky with small pets or cats.


Low; the Siberian Husky is very intelligent but not easy to train to do things outside his original purpose. He will complain vociferously if asked. Some are difficult to housebreak.

Recommended Activities

Sled racing, backpacking.