Scottish Terrier in front of white background

Scottish Terrier

Breed Characteristics

Lots of stamina, agile, active. Superior watchdog; territorial. Some members of this breed can be aggressive, an unacceptable trait that good breeders are trying successfully to eliminate. Cannot abide heat. Some individuals are barkers. Needs an experienced owner.

Is the Scottish Terrier approved as a pet in a Singapore HDB flat?



Scottish Highlands, 1800s; closely related to the Cairn Terrier and West Highland White Terrier.

Original Purpose

Hunting rodents, foxes.

Behaviour and Temperament

Alert, inquisitive, fearless, assured, sophisticated, bold.

What are some Physical Features of the Scottish Terrier?

25.5cm; 8 to 10kg. This breed comes in a mix of colours, including wheaten, steel, and brindle, not just the commonly seen black.

Coat Type and Recommended Grooming

Harsh, wiry, long, weatherproof. High maintenance required; brushing three times a week. Professional grooming is recommended at least four times a year; clipping for pets and stripping for show dogs. Light shedding.

Life Expectancy of the Scottish Terrier

12 to 15 years.

Have a Scottish Terrier?

Health Concerns

Bladder cancer, CMO, von Willebrand’s, allergies, hypothyroidism.

Exercise Needs

High; they need a considerable amount.


Adaptable to any living situation.


Bonds strongly to one person. Not good with young children, all right with respectful school-aged kids. Aloof with strangers. Usually all right with dogs of opposite sex if socialised early.


Low; needs early obedience training; difficult to train; many will challenge their owners for dominance.

Recommended Activities

Earthdog trials.