Norwich Terrier
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Norwich Terrier

FCI Group

The Norwich Terrier belongs to the Terriers in the FCI grouping.

AKC Group

The Norwich Terrier is classified under the Terrier group in the AKC grouping.

Is the Norwich Terrier allowed as a pet in a Singapore HDB flat?



England, 1800s.

Original Purpose


Behaviour and Temperament

Protective, loyal, pert, game, gay, alert.

Breed Characteristics

Quick. A good watchdog. Some may be barkers. Does not do well in heat.

What are some Physical Features of the Norwich Terrier?

Norwich Terriers grow up to 25.5 cm tall; and can weigh between 4.5 and 6kg. Colours are shades of red, wheaten, black-and-tan, and grizzle.

Coat Type and Recommended Grooming

Short, wiry coat. High maintenance; requires combing two or three times a week and stripping a few times a year for show dogs. Professional grooming is very desirable. Light shedding.

Life Expectancy

12 to 15 years.

The Oldest Norwich Terrier in the Community

No pups found

Help us find the oldest living Norwich Terrier, in Singapore. If you have at least one Maltese, Join the Community now

Health Concerns

Allergic dermatitis, patellar luxation, mitral valve insufficiency.


Moderate to high; needs frequent walks or a run every day.


Adaptable to any living situation.


Bonds to the whole family. Good with children if exposed early. Good with other dogs; some chase smaller pets, but most are fine with cats.



Recommended Activities

Earthdog trials, agility.

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