American Eskimo Dog

Breed Characteristics

Good in cold weather but no heat tolerance. Many are extremely vocal, which means they are barkers. An avid chewer. Some individuals can be timid. A good dog for a first-time owner.

Is the American Eskimo Dog approved as a pet in a Singapore HDB flat?



United States, early 1900s; a member of the spitz family of Nordic breeds.

Original Purpose

Companion; watchdog; multi-purpose farm dog; performing artist.

Behaviour and Temperament

Loyal, independent, alert, loving, protective, lively.

What are some Physical Features of the American Eskimo Dog?

The American Eskimo Dog comes in three accepted sizes: 23 to 30.5 cm, 2.5 to 4.5 kg for Toys; 30.5 to 38 cm, 5 to 9 kg for Miniatures; and 38 to 48.5 cm, 9 to 18 kg for Standards. There is no official weight standard. Snowy white colour is preferred; cream or biscuit with white acceptable.

Coat Type and Recommended Grooming

Undercoat soft, thick, fairly soft; outer coat mostly longer guard hairs. High maintenance; requires two or three thorough brushings a week. Shed heavily once a year when they “blow their coat”, requires daily brushing when shedding. Professional grooming is optional, recommended every 4 weeks to remove loose fur. Estimated grooming charges in Singapore: Full, S$80 - S$100, Basic S$60 - S$75.

Life Expectancy of the American Eskimo Dog

14 to 15 years.

Have a American Eskimo Dog?

Health Concerns

Fleabite dermatitis, urinary tract stones, PRA, seizures, hip dysplasia. Pay close attention to the eyes and tear ducts. Some are allergic to fleas. This breed can gain weight easily if it does not get enough exercise and/or is overfed.

Exercise Needs

High. Needs daily long walks. If he does not get sufficient exercise, this breed can be high strung and destructive at home.


Adaptable to almost any living situation, if sufficiently exercised. Very active indoors, a small yard would suffice.


Devoted to his family. Generally good with children. Very reserved around strangers. Usually good with other pets. An excellent watch dog that take their duties seriously.


High; very easily trained.

Recommended Activities

Obedience, agility.