The Benefits of Training Tricks

NYC Dog Trick Training Class

Most pet owners spend the majority of their training time working on basic manners like Come when Called, Stay, and Loose Leash Walking. Without a doubt, those are important cues and concepts for your dog to understand and be able to perform reliably. However, in my opinion, there is another type of training that deserves […]

Dealing with Excessive Barking

Dog Barking

Living with a dog that barks excessively can be very stressful. It’s hard to relax at home with a barky dog, it can be difficult to get along with neighbours if you have a dog that barks too much, and chances are, your dog is pretty stressed out as well. Excessive barking is a behavioural […]

Teaching a Reliable Drop Cue

Dog tugging on Kong Wubba

When we ask our dog to “drop” something, we are expecting him to let go of whatever he is holding in his mouth. Sometimes we’d like our dog to let go of a toy that we are playing with to keep him from getting overly excited. Other times, our dog might find something that could be harmful for […]

What is Clicker Training?

Dog on training

In the realm of dog training, two distinct camps exists, namely the ‘Traditional” and the “Positive Reinforcement” camps. “Traditional” dog training has been around for decades, possibly even centuries whereas training based on Positive Reinforcement and canine behavioural science is relatively new and has only gotten exposure and traction in the last 25 years. Positive reinforcement dog training […]

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Dog Training into your Daily Routine

Dog training at home

When it comes to training our dogs, one of the most common concerns we have is not being able to make time to train them. While it would be great if everyone was able to spend hours a day working with their dogs, for most people, it’s just not a realistic expectation, especially in Singapore. However, […]

Unleashing your Dog

Dog off leash

For a lot of people, a dog that is able to behave and remain focused on his owner while off of the leash is the epitome of a well-trained dog. Teaching your dog to stay tuned into your movements and to respond to your cues quickly and consistently allows you to engage in a wider […]

5 Signs our Dogs Need More Mental Stimulation

A cute puppy with his mess

Dogs are intelligent, active creatures. Many of the breeds that are popular today were originally bred to do something – herd livestock, help us hunt game, guard their property from intruders, or exterminate vermin for example. While many of us don’t really have a need for a working dog to help us gather our sheep or pull […]

Dog Training: Teaching a Solid ‘Stay’

Teaching a solid stay

Teaching your dog how to stay in one spot is a great way to work on building his self-control, and it can prove to be a very useful skill in a variety of situations. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask your dog to sit and stay at the front door […]

Decoding Your Dog: The Eyes

A dog with expressive eyes

A dog’s eyes are naturally expressive. Small changes in the shape and size of his eyes or the direction and intensity of his gaze can tell you if your dog is feeling happy, excited, nervous, or scared. Knowing how to interpret the changes in eye shape and size can give you a lot of information […]

Decoding Your Dog: The Mouth

A great dane yawning

A dog’s mouth is just as expressive as his eyes and tail. Even though he can’t use his mouth to talk like we humans can, the way that he positions his lips, jaws, and teeth can still speak volumes. As with all other aspects of dog body language, some of the dog’s gestures with his […]

What to Expect from Your Adolescent Dog

An adolescence puppy in trouble

Puppies are really cute, but they are A LOT of work. When they first come home, they need nearly constant supervision to make sure that they don’t potty in the house or chew on something that they shouldn’t. Luckily, it gets easier after the first couple of weeks. You develop a potty training routine, you […]

How to Survive and Thrive during Fear Periods

A puppy with a pitiful look

The first twelve to eighteen months of a puppy’s life are incredibly important. He is a little sponge that is constantly absorbing new information about the people, places, animals, and things around him. Most of us know that we need to socialise our puppies if we can hope to expect them to grow up into […]