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Treasured family member, pampered pup, soul mate, fur kid, professional canine, shelter dog… DOGSACTUALLY celebrates all canines out there—regardless of background or breed.

The e-resource features the latest and best of what’s new in the canine world: canine news and reviews; must-have innovative products, toys and accessories; training tips; recipes; heart-warming stories; inspirational rescue tales; breed profiles; dog related business directory; dog art; fun activities for better bonding with your dog; health, grooming and behavioural tips; and more!

With dog psychology articles alongside essential advice, scientific studies, and great photos guaranteed to make you smile, DOGSACTUALLY is an essential e-destination for any dog lover.

A part of DOGSACTUALLY’s mission is to support the efforts of organisations that work tirelessly to assist abused, neglected or homeless dogs. Our donation programs, charitable events and cash gifts allow us to give back to the dog community. – Let DOGSACTUALLY be a part of your canine-inclusive living.