Getting to know them better: a collection of breed information pages to know our dogs better. Includes behaviour and temperament, breed traits, physical features, life expectancy, recommended training, grooming and care of the different dog breeds. 

Dog Training

a puppy snoozing

Why Can’t My Dog Behave in Public Like he does at Home

I Promise that He Can Do It at Home! One of the best things about working with clients in dog training classes is seeing how excited they are to show me the progress that they have made with training their dog in between classes. It’s one of the first …

an 'embarrassed' dog

The Trouble with the Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan is one of the most popular and controversial characters in modern dog training. He is a great entertainer – he is charismatic, quick witted, and appears to do amazing things with the dogs that he works with. However, he is a big proponent …

Canine Science

A dog with obscured lenses in the eyes possibly due to cataracts

Helping Our Dogs Cope with Cataracts

Helping our dogs cope with cataracts When you look into your dog’s eyes, if they are a little cloudy or hazy, it could indicate that cataracts are forming. Eyes have lenses inside them to help us focus and see objects clearly. A cataract is any opacity …

a pair of puppies play fighting on a daffodil lawn

In Play Fights, Girl Puppies Win

Its not really a dog eat dog world out there, at least among puppies. Puppies play fight a lot, but it is not always about testing their strength. According to a research published in the scientific journal of animal behavior (“Partner preferences and …