Getting to know them better: a collection of breed information pages to know our dogs better. Includes behaviour and temperament, breed traits, physical features, life expectancy, recommended training, grooming and care of the different dog breeds. 

Dog Training

Dog staring at treat

Five Common Dog Training Mistakes that People Make

Dog training is meant to be fun! It’s an activity that you and your dog can do together that will improve your dog’s behaviour, as well as improve the bond between the two of you. However, it can also be very frustrating to work with your dog and not s …

A puppy counter surfing

5 Most Common Behaviour Problems and How to Address Them

We all love our dogs, but at some point, most of us have to come to terms with some form of problem behaviour. Understanding why your dog does what he does can help use to determine how to handle the problem correctly so that we can resolve problems qu …

Canine Science

a tri-colour dog under going aquatic therapy for arthritis

Does Your Pet Have Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis (arthritis)  is a well-recognised condition in people and dogs. It is a common cause of chronic pain, where 1 in every 5 adults is affected. The incidence of this disease is similar to that in dogs, where approximately 20% or more of the …

A white puppy rolling on grass

(Ab)normal Dog Behaviours

From humping his toy, to rolling in rotten stuffs, our dogs seem to have a never ending list of behaviours that amazes us. While no one knows exactly the “whys” behind these deeds, many theories have been postulated. And until we evolved enough to spea …