Getting to know them better: a collection of breed information pages to know our dogs better. Includes behaviour and temperament, breed traits, physical features, life expectancy, recommended training, grooming and care of the different dog breeds. 

Dog Training

Puppy Training

Puppy Training: The First 5 Things to Teach

There are so many things that to teach a new puppy that it can be a little overwhelming to think about it all at once. Where to even start? One thing to keep in mind is that what your dog learns first, he learns best. Those first behaviours are going t …

Dogs wagging their tails

Decoding Your Dog: The Tail

One of the most common misconceptions about dog body language is that a dog that wags his tail is always friendly. This just isn’t true. Dogs wag their tails for a variety of different reasons and there are plenty of dogs that have bitten a person or a …

Canine Science

Canine Blood Transfusion

Too often we see urgent requests on social media asking for pet blood donors to save the life of another who is losing blood. For some, it even comes as a surprise that blood transfusion could be applied to animals. Why might my pet need a blood transf …

Helping Our Dogs Cope with Cataracts

Helping our dogs cope with cataracts When you look into your dog’s eyes, if they are a little cloudy or hazy, it could indicate that cataracts are forming. Eyes have lenses inside them to help us focus and see objects clearly. A cataract is any opacity …